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Advanced and automatic data backup and recovery

  • Instant application recovery

  • Machine Learning based automation

  • Protection against "ransom" encryption at the infrastructure level

Advance with us for modern backup solutions

Come and experience a platform that provides advanced turn key solutions in the field of information protection for all types of organizational information:

  • Backup system with instant application recovery and global forecasting
  • Machine Learning based automation
  • Protection against “ransom” encryption at the infrastructure level
  • Reconstructions in zero time

New challenges affect the need to protect organizational information.

In the world of apps, clouds, analytics and mobile – many organizations still rely on previous generation backup and recovery products – solutions that are typically built on backup software, backup storage, media servers, catalog servers, cloud backup solutions, all different providers, and as a result The information is split and managed in complexity.

Most existing backup products provide slow backup as well as long recovery times – making it difficult for organizations to meet their business availability requirements.

The data center backup technology in the Legacy approach does not provide protection for modern workloads such as: distributed file systems, distributed databases such as NoSQL or Hadoop, or also containers and SaaS applications that further increase complexity.
There should be a simpler and more cost-effective way to maintain the data.

All of these raise the need for Rethinking a modern backup platform Which will be an alternative to old backup systems and will support all the required parameters in the digital age:

Constant growth in the volume of data In a world where almost all business processes are carried out online, the amount of organizational information is growing by tens of percent every year. In addition, to retrieve information and for documentation purposes for a variety of purposes – organizational information is almost never deleted

Constant availability of information Processes and systems are interrelated. Employees from within the organization and external vendors connect to systems today from anywhere and at any time. Access to information must always be available

Independence from a hardware manufacturer and service provider An organization must retain the ability to recover information when necessary regardless of any of its hardware vendors (such as storage / backup) or service provider. The system must be 100% software based to produce maximum flexibility across platforms across all components of the enterprise data center

Built-in search and analytics capabilities The system must be cataloged and have a smart index that will be able to provide instant search results for any type of recoverable information: whether at the level of file names, tables from databases, email or a specific email box and more

Reducing operational overhead by automation IT teams today are mostly staffed. A large part of the organizations today waste valuable human time in the control and operation of the backup system. Using automation and learning AI systems, reduces human errors and time in operating the system significantly and increases system efficiency

The adoption of enterprise applications in the cloud, the increase in technological challenges, the advanced cyber threats, in addition to the constant increase in the volumes of organizational information, require modern thinking for protection and recovery.
Complex operation and maintenance on the backup platform increases the risk of compromising the integrity of the backup, exposure to the encryption of the backups and uncertainty in the existence of the recovery and the time that will be required for recovery.

Organizations are deploying complex, multi-layered solutions for data management that could have been simpler if managed in a cloud concept – simple, intuitive and ubiquitous.

The traditional approach of using multiple point solutions leads to fragile infrastructures with challenges such as long deployment cycles, inability to meet the SLA conditions defined by the organization, lack of scalability, architectural complexity and fragmented management.

DnA-IT is leading the field in Backup and Data Management Solutions for Enterprises

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    A modern enterprise DR platform requires the implementation of important key points

    Backup system with instant application recovery and global forecasting

    Instant access A: The backup array must provide Instant application recovery And global prediction by consolidating data in a single global index, while leveraging deduplication technology to enable the retention of multiple copies of information, in accordance with the backup policy defined by the organization

    Streamlining of working hours - a significant reduction in times of day-to-day operational management

    Process automation : You should choose a platform that will be Based on Machine Learning For the purpose of dramatically reducing day-to-day operational management and preventing human decision nodes that are prone to human error and do not always fit the organizational environment. A modern platform requires the system administrator to define service level agreements (SLAs) for the entire data lifecycle of organizational information, when The system implements the SLA automatically and smartly

    Protection against "ransom" encryption at the infrastructure level

    Security and compatibility : A modern platform for organizational backup and recovery is a must Lock the information backed up at the infrastructure level So that it is not exposed to “ransom” encryption or the ability to leak the information to unwanted parties. A modern platform is now expected to provide smart reporting and alerts on access to sensitive backed up information that will be documented and searchable by qualified entities that are not necessarily part of the information systems system.

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        *Only relevant inquiries will be responded.
        *The company's solutions are intended for organizations with a minimum of 100 active users.

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