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DnA-IT - Time for Innovation

IT's world never stops moving forward - So are we!

DnA-IT provides a comprehensive 360° solutions to Information Technology's needs. We identity the objectives and targets in terms of technological and operational perspectives, sell, deploy, train & support – All based on our internal staff with no subcontracting. 

Our main focus is targeted on 3 main disciplines: Data Center, Networking & Cyber Security.

DnA-IT combines the highest level of expertise, deep technology understanding and comprehensive support, alongside extensive and leading collaboration with our business partners.

Let us be your guided tour for the right solution for your IT needs with a "turn-key" approach for onboarding, implementation & training.






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Supporting Enterprises since Y2K Era

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We are committed to providing excellent and professional service, based on a select team of IT professionals and a precise coordination of staff to meet customer needs. Each employee in our company is a leader in their field, and the "small" size of our team allows us to provide personal attention and tailor our services to the specific needs of each client.

What sets us apart is our ability to build strong and lasting relationships with our clients, many of whom have been advancing with us for over 20 years. This is not only a testament to our reliability but also to the social and professional character we strive to promote in all our activities.

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Proud to be pioneers in bringing innovative solutions to the industry

DnA-IT regards technological innovation as a guiding principle in its operations. As early adopters for technology, we are committed to adopting innovative solutions, but this process is not carried out without meticulous examination. Before adoption, we conduct in-depth market research and comprehensive analysis of new services to ensure they perfectly meet the specific needs of our clients.

The goal is to ensure that every new solution we implement can lead to significant improvements in performance, efficiency, and reliability of the technological systems we provide. This is how DnA-IT maintains its position at the forefront of technology, while upholding values of innovation and expertism.

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Complying Security Standards to comply with ourselves & our customers

Information Security Standard 27799

ISO 27799 expands the general standard for managing operations while maintaining information security and specifically addresses the healthcare sector. The purpose of this standard is to provide tools for medical organizations to protect medical and/or personal information in their possession. Our company is proud to also be certified in this standard and to offer our clients in the medical field a variety of services with the highest level of security.

Information Security Standard 27001

ISO 27001 primarily addresses the management of operations with a focus on maintaining modern information security. Our company is proud to be certified to this standard and to maintain complete separation between clients, providing them with a full infrastructure without the technological capability to access their organizational information. This proves that we employ the strictest measures to fulfill our commitment to protecting information and to provide flexible, efficient, fast, and secure services.

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