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Vulnerability Management – Managing security exposures and updates

  • Spot and focused update

  • Autonomous installation of security updates

  • High stability and performance

  • Patchless Protection

  • Protection and monitoring of applications from each generation

Manage exposures in a focused, effective and autonomous manner with Vicarius

Over the past five years, there has been a sharp increase in the amount of exposures in organizations, an increase that has been rising steeply over time.
The growing number of exposures and exploits is placing a heavy burden on UAV and IT teams, but paradoxically most organizations today do not use automated exposure management mechanisms that can significantly reduce and streamline security update handling, whether due to lack of awareness or fear of giving up a retrospective update. to cause damage.

In practice, there is almost no organization that manages to make updates in full. Most organizations are barely able to update the critical update categories. Some of the updates come as part of the manufacturer’s package – which increases the fear of an update as it may cause application failure.

There are basic products for scanning the network and producing a software version report and devices that require updating but this is a task that is very difficult to complete direction and the list is long, it has no priorities, no risk rating and no automation in the process.
An autonomous tool is needed that is able to manage exposures and updates in a focused and effective manner.

The new model in the world of information security

The world of information security has undergone significant changes in recent years and is evolving as the level of sophistication of risks increases.

In the old model used in the world of information security, information protection was based on prevention. In contrast, the new model in information security is extensively aided by high and advanced data analytics and in accordance with the data analysis, the protection of information is carried out equally through 3 approaches: identifying threats, repairing vulnerabilities and prevention.

The new information security model uses the comprehensive knowledge gained from data analysis to answer 3 basic questions that are essential in the world of information security.
Each question addresses a specific area of information security, managed by a basket of related technologies and applications:

Are there security vulnerabilities in the system? Managed by exposure management systems

What is the risk level of the system? Managed by systems for identifying and responding to security incidents

Is the system optimally secure? Managed by identity management systems and log management systems, along with control of IT systems at the level of information security

Usually, all the information needed to answer these critical questions is in the hands of information security managers, but a dedicated platform is required that will centralize the information, perform intelligent AI-based analysis and know how to draw conclusions and a list of operational tasks to implement.

“The Software Engineering Institute estimates that 90% of reported security incidents result from exploits against defects in the design or code of software. Ensuring software integrity is key to protecting the infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities and reducing overall risk to cyber-attacks”

Vulnerability Management – A cyber risk management and exposure management system

Using the Vicarius platform, it is possible to obtain clarity and simple, clear and limited procedures for handling and managing exposures in real time, in addition to the possibility of applying updates automatically.

Vicarius’ TOPIA platform makes it possible to turn the “forest” of data and warnings into clear and easy-to-implement updates and protocols, in a way that reduces the risks to the organization by about 80% and allows the business to develop safely.

Get to know TOPIA by Vicarius leading & advanced cyber risk management platform

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    TOPIA from Vicarius - the advanced system for managing cyber risks and exposures

    Ongoing risk assessment

    The system performs a continuous and ongoing risk assessment of the exposures and breaches of the corporate software assets.

    Detection of exposures and vulnerabilities in all applications and applications installed in the organization.

    Prioritize the necessary updates to the organization

    TOPIA’s platform is able to independently detect the most important updates, according to various criteria such as web interfaces, frequently used applications, admin applications and more, and accordingly make a smart analysis of the most important updates for the organization.

    Install security updates autonomously

    The TOPIA platform is able to autonomously locate the organization’s CVE and install the most critical and relevant updates according to predefined criteria

    Contributing to the stability, performance and usability of enterprise systems

    TOPIA’s tool maintains high system performance on a regular basis, and maintains system stability even when running in the background with a daily memory average of 60MB<, average daily CPU of <5% processor, and with less than 10 minutes of installation per operation.

    Patchless Protection

    Automated security of enterprise applications even without implementing updates, and without affecting performance.

    TOPIA’s Patchless Protection tool quickly secures high-risk applications and instantly blocks intrusion attempts through proprietary memory protection.

    Protection and monitoring of traditional applications

    TOPIA’s platform is capable of monitoring and protecting applications from previous generations / traditional applications.

    The tool finds the organization’s CVEs as well as specifically API groups with binary vulnerabilities

    Vulnerability Management

    Vicarius’ vulnerability management platform helps you scan every component and system in the enterprise computing and communications system that has an IP address in order to diagnose threats and intrusions in the organization.

    The platform provides a snapshot and in addition also offers appropriate solutions to eradicate the vulnerabilities and threats that have been exposed, as well as the implementation of security updates in a smart and autonomous priority – Patch Management.

    The system provides the list of threats in the organization based on real-time smart rankings.
    With TOPIA, real-time update management and implementation effectively and flexibly closes security gaps at a moment’s notice, or alternatively allows you to schedule installation of Windows, macOS, and Linux operating system updates to consistently reduce your organizational risk.

    Ongoing autonomous exposure management with Vicarius – get rid of the “forest”

    One of the major problems that the Vicarius platform solves is the huge amount of exposures provided by software and hardware manufacturers and traditional update systems thus leaving the organization in a huge “forest” of information without knowing what to handle first and how to manage the risks received.

    Vicarius’ platform has extensive proven experience in the field of information security with a wide range of organizations in the intelligence, government, financial and public sectors. The platform is well adapted to information security regulations around the world and also withstands systematic intrusion testing processes.

    Vicarius has developed a unique methodology for predicting threats encoded within any software whether developed in-house or externally acquired.
    With Vicarius’ TOPIA, it is possible to focus on dealing with the top 25 dangerous exposures to the organization, while obtaining a complete work plan for its action and execution, which allows the risk of the total threats to be reduced by about 80%.

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