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Why implement a VDI solution with AZURE?

This is a new era. We work from anywhere, from any device.

This situation brings new challenges of control, management and cyber threats for those endpoints.

Physical PC in the office is no longer the ideal solution for modern work. Alternatively, working in Terminal Services upon Windows Server infrastructure does not fit certain users/populations and/or not compatible with all applications.

During recent years, a trend of VDI has emerged – virtual machines On-premise infrastructure installed at the Data Center. Adopting VDI solution contains multiple reasons:

a. Reduces the need to upgrade an outdated operating system at the Endpoint level

b. Incline level of control, security and management for the endpoints

c. Reduces dramatically effort and time spent for user support

d. Improves protection level towards cyber threats

The problem with Onpremise VDI solution is high cost both for to the infrastructure, skills, management time & complexity and knowledge required to operate such a environment.

The obvious alternative to this is to consume it as a service (PaaS) in the cloud that provides simple management and operation in the cloud. When it comes mainly to Windows 10/11 endpoints – who is more suitable for such a service if not Microsoft?

Azure Virtual Desktop Services

Azure Virtual Desktop Services is a cloud-based desktop and application virtualization service part of the Azure Market Place (PaaS).

This is a partial list of what you will get by running the Azure Virtual Desktop Services:

  • Multiple deployment of virtual Windows 10/11 virtual endpoints without infrastructure limit and without downgrading user experience
  • Virtualization of Microsoft O365 Apps for Enterprise and optimization to run in multi-user virtual scenarios
  • Migration of existing desktops and applications in RDP / RDS per computer
  • Virtualization at both the desktop and application level
  • Manage desktops and Windows 10/11, Windows Server and Windows 7 applications with a unified management experience

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    Azure Virtual Desktop Key Service Capabilities

    Auto-expand & flexible

    With Azure Virtual Desktop Services, the environment is auto-expand and flexible without limit:

    • Create a complete desktop virtualization environment with your Azure subscription
    • Bring your corporate OS image for the endpoints or download ready-made templates from Azure Gallery

    Low and predictable costs

    Reduce costs with Pooled using Multi-Session supported by the W10/W11 Enterprise edition exclusive to the Azure Virtual Desktop and Remote Desktop Session Host (RDSH) service on Windows Server. This way, you can significantly reduce the number of virtual machines and operating system (OS) while providing the same systems and resources to your users

    Great user experience

    • Provide individual ownership where required through personal desktops (Persistent)

    You can deploy and manage Azure Virtual Desktop Services in a multiple ways:

    • Use the Azure portal, Azure Virtual Desktop PowerShell interfaces, or REST to configure host pools, create application groups, assign users and provide resources

    • “Publish” individual full or remote desktop applications from a single Host repository, create individual application groups for different groups of users, or even assign users to multiple application groups to reduce the number of OS Images

    • While managing your environment, use built-in RBAC to assign roles and understand different configuration or user errors

    • Manage only the Image and the virtual machines, not the infrastructure. You do not have to personally manage the remote desktop functions as you do with the remote desktop services, but only the virtual machines in your Azure subscription

    You can also assign and connect users to your virtual machines:

    • Once assigned, users can run Azure Virtual Desktop Services using Client for any operating system to connect to the desktop and released applications
    • Log in from any device or client or HTML5 browser to access the Azure Virtual Desktop service
    • Set up users securely with Reverse Tunnel to the service so you never have to leave inbound ports
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