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Software-Based Network Application Management SDN

Modern infrastructure for WEB SCALE APPLICATION NETWORK

The age of digital transformation motivates organizations to adopt multi-cloud strategies in order to increase business flexibility and agility, achieve competitive differentiation and support an ever-increasing number of consumers.
At the same time, there is a trend of replacing the classic monolithic application development with a new generation of Micro Services based development which simplifies the complexity of the application architecture as it was in the past. Modern applications consist of a multitude of standalone components and modular processes that communicate between the components using API-agnostic.

Unfortunately, the currently existing application delivery infrastructure was designed for an old client / server world in an era not designed for the new generation.
For example, a physical application delivery control system – what we call a Load Balancer or Application Delivery Controller (ADC) was originally designed for an environment where it would make sense to think that there is a known relationship on private infrastructure (On Premise) between applications and servers. But today this ratio is not maintained in cloud environments – where they are often located. It is very difficult to increase the growth up and down elastically to suit the application requirements and traffic patterns.

Challenges in implementing network applications in modern environments

Even the emergence of virtual ADCs (VADCs) – which, architecturally, do not yet fully address these challenges. Therefore, there is a need to implement an application access management system that will be more agile, more elastic, common in any private or public infrastructure alike, with a higher level of visibility and operated more simply.

We have entered a period in which ADC functionality must be consumed like modern applications, at the level of network flexibility and security mechanisms at higher levels (Network Layers 4-7).
Working in these layers ensures the ability to manage, deploy and track applications at the most optimal level and also in the most dynamic way possible while supporting the availability, performance and information security of the applications.
Examples of typical applications on the web are: Load Balancer, Application analysis and monitoring, Application acceleration. Auto Scaling capability according to demand dynamically and segmentation (Micro Segmentation) according to the different environments.


This is what traditional load balancing architecture looks like today in organizations:


  • Architecture 90s
  • The concept of the “box”
  • Closed system of manufacturer
  • Each system is managed individually
  • Without automation
  • Low telemetry level
  • Data resources

Meet AVI Networks from VMware

AVI Networks is an American software company that provides a software-based network management application (SDN) solution that provides high load balancing, application analysis, predictive automated rating and security for a local or public cloud.

The platform is called AVI Vantage and is built on defined principles in the software which rely on a central virtual controller which manages the data flow with automatic growth and contraction capability based on capacity needs, without increasing the number of management points. By leveraging x86 generic hardware, the platform delivers scalable encryption through the processing power of the virtual or cloud infrastructure and enables significant TCO cost savings.

  • Technology adopted from AWS / FB / MSFT
  • Generic Hardware X86
  • Managed and operated as one unified entity
  • Full automation
  • Built-in telemetry
  • Unlimited elastic

DnA IT is a senior business partner of the company
AVI Networks in Israel

Markets, implements and supports the platform for modern network services at the data center level

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