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Management of communication networks in cloud perception

  • Quick application

  • Elasticity in growth capacity

  • Cloud experience

  • Secure operation

The evolution of communications networks in the transition to the cloud

When we think of cloud computing, we think of automation. This revolution also applies in the field of communications.

It’s time to move away from the manual “box” settings of the past, we must see the network as a whole system instead of a collection of irons and switches.

Traditional closed architectures do not exist in the cloud and instead an open standards-based approach is needed. This is the only way to achieve the growth, control, monitoring and flexibility required in cloud environments. As a result, the path to automation and the cloud requires better programming control of the communications network infrastructure as well.

For the organization, cloud networks have created a need for new skills: the skills of network administrators in virtualization skills or DevOps should be expanded alongside the use of scripting tools for automation.

Let's learn what the benefits are of adopting the move to the cloud in the field of communications as well

Adoption of cloud technology in communications networks

Wired networks have evolved significantly since their inception in the late 1980s and have undergone many evolutions and changes leading to new communications solutions categories.

In the field of data center, the concept today is a combination of private infrastructure with public cloud infrastructure (hybrid cloud perception).

Adopting this concept requires very fast branding networks and requires a large scale to grow while maintaining attractive price levels alongside unprecedented performance.

The combination of these requirements, coupled with the emergence of cloud services led by giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, revolutionized the options currently available to organizations in the design and construction of modern hybrid IT infrastructures in the concept of hybrid cloud.

Arista is leading the transformation from traditional communications networks to cloud capture

Arista Networks was established to provide software solutions to the world of communications in data centers. Arista focuses on building Gigabit Ethernet high-speed switching platforms, at Gbe 10/25/40/50/100 speeds, combining software and thus, redefines network architecture and dramatically changes the cost and performance of networks in data centers.

Arista’s portfolio of communication switches were first used in financial trading applications for the purpose of performing their High Speed Wire, extremely low latency and high reliability. Subsequently, Arista’s solutions were adopted by 6 of the 7 leading cloud infrastructure companies in the world thanks to performance, scalability, programming capabilities, flexibility and of course cost.

Over the years the adoption of Arista’s switch technology has expanded to all sectors in large and medium-sized organizations and it brings a real line in every tier.

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    Quick application

    • A complete software management platform that enables full implementation of communication infrastructure.
    • Transparent upgrades without interruption to users and without downtime
    • Each upgrade includes a set of new capabilities under global compliance alongside continuous innovation

    Elasticity in growth capacity

    • Distributed platform that allows growth without restrictions even outside the geographical area (multiplicity of sites and countries)
    • Significantly simplifies the flexibility of expanding the infrastructure in cloud architecture

    Cloud experience

    • Quick troubleshooting through cloud experience support
    • Distributed platform that allows growth without restrictions even outside the geographical area (multiplicity of sites and countries)
    • A ready-made platform for machine learning and artificial intelligence for the purpose of advanced analytics and gaining insights from the system

    Secure operation

    • Built-in encryption of information traffic
    • Ongoing operation under strict American standard security controls
    • Secure authentication with built-in dual authentication, SSO and OAUTH Provider integration

    CloudVision platform for managing cloud communications networks

    Arista’s EOS operating system

    Arista has shaken up the communications market in the data centers thanks to its innovation, which is reflected in two main innovations: Arista EOS and CloudVision.

    The main innovation in Arista EOS software is better construction of the network operating system, which was built from the ground up, using innovations in core technologies. The Arista EOS operating system is built to be open and based on open standards and is uniquely programmable at all system levels along with maximum reliability.

    Moreover, EOS provides an ideal platform that provides enhanced visibility, high logical separation capabilities and fast and self-correcting of problems. Along with this technology, full orchestration of third-party systems is possible, which is a complement to the communication solution for the data centers.


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