IT infrastructure for remote websites - advanced Remote Office / Branch Office solutions

IT infrastructure for remote sites ROBO

  • A simple solution

  • There is no need for IT professionals

  • Grow as needed

  • Shrinkage of physical infrastructure

  • Availability and self-healing

Management of remote computer systems ROBO

The challenges in managing the computer system in a remote office / branch include hardware costs, administrative / operational overhead, licensing costs, communication costs, electricity and air conditioning costs, maintenance costs and more.

Nutanix’s smart architecture includes all the infrastructure components required to run a remote or site computing infrastructure and includes: servers, central storage, virtual layer, single and remote screen management including central policies that can be easily enforced for any remote site

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Branches and / or remote offices are usually lacking in expert IT people. Also the physical infrastructure required to support information systems is usually traditional and limited. The challenges in managing the computer system in a remote office / branch include:

The direct and indirect cost of servers in the branch, including:
1. Hardware costs
2. Administrative / operational overhead
3. Licensing costs
4. Communication costs
5. Electricity and air conditioning costs
6. Maintenance costs

Slow communication to the site:
Increasing bandwidth does not change the laws of physics. Packet transfer still takes the same amount of time to switch from site A to site B. Increasing bandwidth will not improve the user experience but will only allow more people the same inferior performance.

Reducing latency will only be possible by overriding the impact of physics on interactive applications using a more modern architecture in user access and faster access to organizational information.

Security is usually insufficient:
Cyber threats are growing everywhere and anytime. Traditional defense mechanisms today are not enough to deal with the threats of “ransom” and information leakage but the budget for investing and operating cyber protection products is usually not enough to cover remote sites and offices.

In addition, valuable time wasted in operation and user support, the infrastructure is perceived as a cost center that does not contribute and delays the business, backup and disaster recovery is usually lacking.

DnA-IT is the authorized and leading partner in Israel in implementing Nutanix infrastructure

Nutanix is leading the transparent infrastructure revolution

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    רוצים להתנסות ולראות איך זה עובד?

    The solution to these problems and challenges - modern technology!

    A simple solution

    Nutanix’s architecture includes all the infrastructure components required to operate a remote branch or site infrastructure including: servers, centralized storage, virtual layer, single and remote screen management including a central policy that can be enforced for any remote site. The system is already supplied with an automatic and smart deployment tool so that in less than an hour the system is ready to work even remotely.

    There is no need for IT professionals

    Notnix’s enterprise cloud platform eliminates the need for storage, server, virtualization and communication experts on any and every site. The entire infrastructure is managed through one application, powerful and complete. Also managing all the sites in one powerful management interface in a simple and powerful HTML5 interface including statistics, health, fault diagnosis and the ability to zoom into a remote site at any point in time.

    Growth ability as needed

    Nutanix’s enterprise cloud platform uses Web Scale technology to eliminate the need for complex branch infrastructure. Consolidating server and storage resources into one product, 100% defined and driven by software allows you to start with 3 small units at a reasonable price and grow only as needed.

    Shrinkage in physical infrastructure

    A complete system for operating a remote branch / office site will provide minimal cabinet capacity (2U), standard electricity and standard network cabling. Full operation and high performance. Significantly reduced space, electricity and communication significantly thanks to the innovative concept in both software and modern hardware packaging.

    High availability and self-healing

    Remove worry from your heart with built-in redundancy in every component, quick fault isolation and solution using built-in diagnostic tools and machine intelligence The system is able to heal itself from almost any scenario and in extreme case of lack of ability to keep itself shut off automatically until fault is resolved.

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