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IaaS – Managed cloud service

  • Full control over expenses

  • Comprehensive envelope services for IT

  • An optimal hybrid solution

  • Applications from anywhere

  • Full freedom of action

  • Commitment to a high level of service

Businesses want IT capabilities that will allow them to test new business models and implement new services quickly. Public or private cloud services offer organizations a new model for consuming IT resources.In the new model, organizations buy and consume only the required resources when needed and in real time.
They are able to set up infrastructure resources and platforms to order, and with one click build, test and deploy the applications they need.

IT managers do not have to waste time tinkering with hardware, with integration between different vendors in infrastructure, deployment, complex management and infrastructure growth and refresh planning. Therefore in a reality of unpredictable and changing requirements, a public cloud is the ideal solution for applications and workloads. For example, if a business launches a new online service or application – the demand for the service or application is not well known in advance. In this case, using a public cloud as an infrastructure allows businesses to provide resources for the service or application depending on demand.

An example of changing requirements is applications with a jump in resource consumption at specific times such as payroll systems or end-of-month reports, for example online shopping portals which are characterized by seasonality when the peak of demand is often several times the normal average.

In addition, there are cases where there is no desire or ability to provide IT services to a specific infrastructure within the organization. Then, it makes more sense to start consuming a complete computing infrastructure including public cloud IT services.

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    Managed cloud service - important parameters in choosing a cloud service provider as a central computing infrastructure

    Consume as much as needed, control expenses

    The pay for consume model of public cloud providers enables the consumption of services according to demand. Usage resolution reaches minutes of use from popular services such as computing, storage and bandwidth. The challenge is to control spending and optimize payment for actual use rather than unused accessible resources. Lack of control over expenses can sometimes increase current expenses significantly. Expenditure control includes smart planning of the infrastructure, switching on and off services according to the time of use, etc.

    Perception of envelope services for IT and not a collection of virtual servers

    There are quite a few cloud services that provide virtual servers as a service (VPS).
    This concept is usually less suitable for organizations that want to consume a full IT array.

    It is necessary to understand how the architecture of the cloud service provider is built – how the communication system is built for the organizations, which envelope services are provided, including a “firewall”, standard information backup infrastructure, “anti-ransom” services, etc.

    Demand the optimal hybrid solution

    A true public cloud provider will not force you to choose between your data center and the cloud. A hybrid cloud solution must easily integrate with the existing IT environment through modern means of communication via WAN and using secure VPN.

    A hybrid solution will preserve the local architecture where appropriate and connect the infrastructure to the required public services including modern application development and deployment of the service globally.

    Hybrid cloud solutions provide the best of both worlds.

    Launch your apps anywhere

    A real cloud provider for true central infrastructure provides multi-site availability and replication capability at the infrastructure or service level between the sites. The importance of the availability of computer services is paramount and therefore the infrastructure must operate from more than a single physical site.

    Self-service services in infrastructure

    In the transition to external cloud services, we expect to receive, in addition to the infrastructure services, the current operating envelope.

    Despite this, there is a great advantage in providing some of the services in a self-use format (Self Service) such as: Setting up a new virtual server. Choose from an existing template or image vanilla from pre-existing sets. Defining required resources including operating system. Switching on, installing and operating the server to start work

    Check what level of service the supplier (SLA) commits to

    It is important to make sure there is a commitment to a level of service to service? How soon is a solution to any type of malfunction provided? Is the supplier ready for a fine mechanism in case of lack of service availability or part of it?

    These are all very important issues that are usually not noticed and we feel that it is obvious – the actual reality is not always like that. It is necessary to get answers to these questions when they are part of the contract of engagement in the transition to external cloud services.

    VAULT services for major infrastructures
    Infrastructure as a Service

    The VAULT service is an advanced and powerful service that provides IaaS services, a central computing infrastructure as a service, in a complete IT concept.

    The service is built on modern enabling architecture Unlimited growth And enables a flexible consumption model in adding / lowering resources and costs according to the business need.

    The infrastructure itself is built on Modern communication architecture Which is separated for each client using multi-tenant smart separation technology in addition to the use of Private VLANs and Network Segmentation.

    The main infrastructure is built from Integrated storage servers in the concept of “Lego” stones Which are logically defined as a cluster of resources that enables powerful services in terms of processing power / memory / disk volume and performance.

    In addition, the infrastructure itself owns High level of availability and independent recovery ability (Self Healing) From every possible scenario. In addition, the infrastructure is located in Tier-3-level invested facilities with high availability, which is also a crossroads for all communications providers in the country for transmissions and the Internet.



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