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Hybrid Cloud Management Platform A hybrid cloud management platform

  • Efficient resource utilization

  • Reduction of errors

  • Business efficiency

  • Platform9

Managing a multi-cloud environment on the SaaS platform

Quite a few organizations today consume cloud services from several sources and there are also those that possess local computing infrastructure for various needs. The multiplicity of environments and the need for resource and operational flexibility require the adoption of a hybrid cloud management platform.


In the modern world, almost every business process is online. The intensification of the computer system creates a growing need for the establishment and duplication of environments alongside adjustments and definitions in a constant manner.

These processes create operational overhead for manpower in the information systems system and in order to remain efficient it is necessary to implement automation mechanisms at the infrastructure level in order to provide resources more automatically and quickly. The rate of cloud adoption is accelerating.

Many organizations consume cloud services from several sources – public cloud as well as local computing infrastructure for various needs. The multiplicity of environments in the face of the need for flexibility of resources and operations requires IT teams to use a hybrid cloud management platform.


Be aligned with the business activity

A global management survey of Information Management shows that the leading challenge of a modern information systems manager is the continuous alignment and alignment of the IT organization with the business activity when the real challenge is the ability to stay aligned over time.


The benefits of a hybrid platform

IT and / or DevOps operations teams are under increasing pressure to maximize efficiency while reducing costs. They are asked to perform more tasks at the highest professional level and without increasing staffing. Some of the services required are better suited for the business need to consume a specific cloud, another is more appropriate to consume from another cloud. It is also possible that some of the services will be more suitable for consuming local / private infrastructure. Therefore, a true hybrid platform independent of a specific platform is the solution for providing the required services in a flexible, transparent and automated manner if necessary.

Let us be your guided tour for the modernization of your central information systems and databases

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    Hybrid cloud - business benefits

    Dramatic improvement in resource utilization and infrastructure efficiency

    A management platform that connects all types of computing environments – local and in the clouds to a central dashboard from which each type of workload is defined and run allows a significant improvement in the utilization of the resources available to all types of services the organization is required to provide.

    Reduction of errors

    Despite caution, using local management for each platform invites human error. Especially in routine, repetitive tasks. Converting these tasks using a hybrid platform automation process significantly reduces potential errors

    Business efficiency

    Leveraging a hybrid platform combined with automation allows IT / DevOps teams to develop existing and new capabilities and focus on more complex and strategic issues. This process also reduces the need to recruit additional employees to deal with increased workload demands through automation.

    The goal is to upgrade the standard virtual infrastructure to the infrastructure of a dynamic and evolving hybrid cloud that provides a rich and functional user experience for developers, testers and DevOps. The goal is to provide a consumer management experience and operation as similar as possible to the consumer experience in the public cloud.

    Get to know Platform9

    platform9 hybrid cloud managing

    A patented platform for continuous remote management (RCM) that provides deployment, monitoring and optimization of workloads of all types: virtual infrastructures, containers or serverless. The platform enables centralized management for environments anywhere and on any private and / or public cloud infrastructure.


    Platform9’s unique hybrid cloud platform


    • Upstream code technology, managed by SaaS
    Includes smart monitoring technology for alerts and upgrades
    • Full automation: deployment, management, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, version management.
    • The non-contact platform for the simplest and fastest CaaS and IaaS upgrades in the industry – at the UI level and at the API level
    • One fully integrated operating console for each platform, running anywhere
    • Backed by the SLA level of 24x7x365
    • Remote and behind-the-scenes management eliminates costly overhead of support teams in the organization
    • Complies with PCI standard



    hybrid cloud managing platform

    Managed machine for managed enterprise cloud computing services


    • Quick deployment
    • Unified management
    • Ongoing diagnosis and monitoring for each service
    • Full managed service SaaS
    • Secure and financially backed
    PMO Centralized management for VMs in an open hybrid cloud platform that supports a wide range of applications.
    PMK Management of Kubernetes Containers on agnostic infrastructure, running across public clouds and local infrastructure.
    PMF Launch the Lambda service anywhere: public, private and in hybrid clouds.


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        *Only relevant inquiries will be responded.
        *The company's solutions are intended for organizations with a minimum of 100 active users.

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