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Guardicore: Software-defined micro-segmentation

  • Process-level vision

  • Micro-segmentation

  • automation

  • Perception of a hybrid cloud

Guardicore – Information security application for modern IT systems

Guardicore’s information security platform provides data center protection, whether the servers are in the cloud, on a local site, or in any other process-level integration. It is able to detect and predict movement in all applications up to the Process and Port level in real time and continuously. The architecture is built on a dynamic cloud concept and allows micro-segmentation to prevent the lateral spread of the threatening factors.


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The need to enforce segmentation within the network simply and efficiently

The reality today is that the IT system or DevOps are in the dark in terms of information security in everything related to the interior of the modern data center. Modern development processes provide tremendous flexibility – creating an almost impossible challenge for information security teams to maintain and maintain the right connections between servers.

Beyond that, the data centers are becoming larger and more complex and the challenge is to constantly make sure what are the correct connections between the servers in the array. Today, workloads are operating in a growing number of technologies, including virtual infrastructures, containers, physical servers and even end stations – all of which are subject to exposure today.

As a result, security teams are required to face an increasingly dynamic challenge that requires maintaining visibility into the manner and type of connections between applications, monitoring the defined standard and compatibility and of course quickly identifying a breach.

In reality, the impact of traditional information security policies is enormous. Studies from recent years show worrying data:

  • The level of risk increases in the face of a decreasing level of compliance
    49% of respondents in all studies say that exposure to infrastructure security is a ‘headache’.
    CISOs and security teams are in “darkness” due to the low level of visibility to the infrastructure. In addition, cloud workloads, if any, now pose an almost impossible challenge for IT security professionals who are required to reduce risks and remain compliant.
  • Long stay of security vulnerabilities
    71% of respondents state that security vulnerabilities will cause direct damage.
    Security crews have already spent too much time extinguishing “fires” and chasing False Positive incidents, leading to a long stay of actual security breaches – 191 days on average.
  • Delay in development times and security checks
    58% of DevOps respondents see security as a deterrent to the agility to which they are accustomed.
    DevOps people often bypass security. Developers refrain from engaging in security due to delays in development times, monitoring frequent changes, reviews and security checks.
  • high costs
    The average cost of hacking into enterprise information is $ 3.6 million.
    Expanding attack areas – Access to information from anywhere and cloud adoption lead to wider attack surfaces that expose the organization’s critical assets to be attacked.

Research Source: EMA Research DevSecOps Report 2017, IBM / Ponemon Cost of Breach Report 2017, Information Security Cloud Security Report 2016


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    Information security solution with modern architecture to prevent infrastructure security vulnerabilities

    Process-level vision

    Only an architecture that provides vision at the Process level is able to fully understand the nature of the connections between the servers, in order to monitor and control the flow of data between the various applications in real time and fully.


    Ability to apply Micro-Segmentation

    Ability to apply Micro Segmentation that helps reduce risks in the event of a network spread / Lateral Movement of the threat

    Automation in the implementation of the segmentation policy

    Automation in the implementation of the segmentation policy, which enables the implementation of information security enforcement without interfering with the business activities of the organization

    Cloud perception that allows for elasticity

    The platform is built on a concept of architecture adapted to a hybrid cloud and does not depend on a specific infrastructure.
    An architecture that implements dynamically applied security, to address the elastic nature of cloud applications.

    Implementation of micro-segmentation in IT systems

    Reducing the attack area, securing access to applications and complying with regulations

    The way to implement micro-segmentation is not simple and entails quite a few challenges that involve understanding and controlling application flows.

    Some of these challenges include blind spots that prevent the discovery and mapping of communication between servers, applications, workloads and processes.

    Guardicore’s platform helps to successfully deal with all these difficulties and complete the micro-segmentation task in three steps:

    Step One: Automatically identify communication between applications and display the communication visually

    Guardicore’s platform provides some of the best visibility capabilities available on the market, with identical capabilities for physical, virtual, public cloud and container servers.

    The platform automatically identifies and displays, using a visual map, all applications, workloads and communications (Flows) down to the Process level.

    Visualization capabilities allow security teams to easily tag and group all assets and applications thus streamlining security policies.

    Microsegmentation and visibility on servers

    Software-based micro-segmentation

    Second stage: planning, examination and rapid implementation of the policy

    Guardicor simplifies the process of assimilation and day-to-day management of micro-segmentation.

    One-click Workflow automatically generates bills based on historical information and quickly builds enforcement policies. The constitutional administration is flexible and intuitive, supports continuous policy upgrades and prevents mistakes that cost money.

    Step Three: Tight security enforcement in any environment

    Guardicore enables policy enforcement at both the infrastructure and process levels on Windows and Linux systems, using an agent installed on the systems themselves and without the need for a firewall.
    This capability gives the administrator the ability to create policies regardless of the operating system limitations and the environment on which it is installed.

    Identifying security breaches and responding in real time allows the organization to detect security breaches, while quickly identifying the method of attack.


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