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Management of networks in cloud architecture

  • Quick Deployment

  • Elastic growth capacity

  • Cloud experience

  • Secure operation

Data Center Networks Evolution – Transition to Cloud Managed Networking

When we think of cloud computing, we need to think of automation. This revolution also applies in the field of networking.

It is time to move away from the manual legacy “out-of-the-box” settings, we must see the network as a whole system instead of a collection of ITE of servers and switches.

Legacy & closed architectures do not exist in the cloud, and instead – an open standards-based approach is required. This is the only way to achieve the growth-scalability, control, monitoring and flexibility required in cloud environments. As a result, the path to automation and to the cloud requires better visibility, programming, control & automation of the network infrastructure as well.

For the organization, cloud networks have created the need for new skills: the skills of network administrators should be expanded to virtualization or DevOps skills, alongside the use of automated scripting tools.

Adoption of cloud technology in the networking era

Wired networks have evolved significantly since their inception in the late 1980s and have undergone many evolutions and changes since then, leading to new network design architecture.

In the data center world, the concept today is hybrid cloud concept – A combination of private infrastructure with cloud-like operation and features.

Adopting the hybrid concept requires very fast network components i.e. switches/APs/ToR/Aggregators etc. that also requires scaling capabilities, while maintaining attractive price levels alongside unprecedented performance.

The combination of these requirements, together with the emergence of cloud services led by giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google, revolutionized the options currently available for organizations in the design and construction of modern hybrid IT infrastructures and networks for the hybrid cloud.

Cisco is leading the digital transformation from legacy networks to cloud experience

Cisco DNA Center is a powerful network management and control interface that allows you to take responsibility for your enterprise network, streamline your investment, and reduce the organization’s IT costs.

The enterprise network is more strategic today than ever before, and an IT manager needs more than ever a network management platform that can provide total visibility, power to identify RCA, automate the deployment, connectivity, and lifecycle of the entire infrastructure, and proactively maintain the quality and security of enterprise applications so IT teams can focus on networking projects that improves the organizational core infrastructure.

With Cisco DNA Center, the days of time-consuming network allocation and tedious troubleshooting attempts are over. Plug-and-Play (PnP) deployment and software image management (SWIM) features reduce system installation times, allow for hours-to-minute upgrades, and enable you to easily connect new remote offices to the network.

Cisco DNA Assurance enables any component of the network to become a sensor that can send continuous telemetry and real-time reporting of application performance and user connectivity. This capability, along with the automatic visibility of path traces and guided repair capabilities, means network issues are resolved within minutes – even before they become issues.

Cisco DNA Center also provides an open and scalable platform with extensive application and external system support that enables data and information exchange, based on its original functions. This is the only centralized network controller that brings all this functionality into a single management dashboard.

For example, integration with Cisco security solutions such as Stealthwatch® and Cisco Umbrella SIG provides DNS protection, threat detection and reduction, even when hidden in encrypted traffic.

DnA-IT is a senior partner of Cisco in Israel

Implementing Cisco’s advanced network and cyber security solutions

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    Quick Deployment

    • A complete software management platform that enables full implementation of the networking infrastructure.
    • Non-disruptive upgrades without interruption to users and without downtime
    • Each upgrade includes a set of new capabilities under global compliance, alongside continuous innovation

    Elastic growth capacity

    • Distributed platform that allows growth without restrictions, even outside the geographical area (multiplicity of sites and countries)
    • Significantly simplifies the flexibility capabilities of expanding the infrastructure in cloud architecture

    Cloud experience

    • Quick troubleshooting through cloud experience support
    • Distributed platform that allows growth without restrictions even outside the geographical area
    • Ready-made platform for machine learning and AI for the purpose of advanced analytics and gaining insights from the platform

    Secure operation

    • Built-in encryption of information traffic
    • Ongoing operation under strict American standard security controls
    • Secure authentication with built-in dual authentication, SSO and OAUTH Provider integration

    Cisco DNA Center platform for managing cloud networks

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        *The company's solutions are intended for organizations with a minimum of 100 active users.

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