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Cisco Umbrella – WEB Access Protection Platform

  • Cloud access in information security

  • Proxy-based traffic testing

The information security challenge in cloud-based applications

In today’s world users have long been unrestricted to work within the organization. All services and applications are provided in the cloud, but standard security solutions are left behind. Cisco Umbrella is changing the rules of the game of information security solutions and introduces a cloud-based information security platform, capable of dealing with cloud-based threats.

The information security challenge in moving the work environment to SaaS

The IT environment in organizations has evolved greatly in the last decade. Critical infrastructure provides services, applications and data moving to the cloud and leveraging the need for a public or private cloud,, Box, G-Suite, Office 365 and more infrastructure.
SaaS software provided as a service is implemented in organizations whether approved by the IT and information security team or not. Thanks to regulation and not just because of it, many questions arise about how to protect sensitive data that are not necessarily under the control of IT and this also has a significant impact on how employees perform their work.

Users, especially when they are out of the office, no longer need to connect to the corporate network to gain access. They usually connect directly to applications and / or services when it comes to SaaS. In addition, many organizations now use direct internet connections in branches, which means that many surfers do not receive the protection through the security layer in the organization.
Not only do more offices connect directly to the Internet – it is estimated that 70% of office users have direct Internet access today. For potential attackers this is a vulnerability that will be exploited automatically.

Here are some research facts:

  • 82% of companies included mobile users who admitted that they sometimes bypassed corporate VPNs to work
  • 15% of malicious spyware operating in Command & Control format (C2) calls in entrances other than 80/433 to receive instructions from the attacker’s infrastructure mainly to encrypt data
  • In fact, 91% of malware uses DNS to “encrypt” and “ransom” campaigns

To address these new challenges, information security controls must be modified accordingly and support access to cloud applications. Enterprise information security needs to evolve to protect users wherever they have Internet access. Traditional secure gateway solutions cannot cope with the technological gaps that have been created and only a new approach of a different gateway to the Internet can meet the challenge of user security.

Cisco Umbrella web protection

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    The new approach to information security in a cloud work environment

    Advances in information security solutions to the cloud

    Security solutions must move to the cloud to fully protect the data, applications and users wherever they are.
    Modern perception today is more appropriate when internet access is not just from within the organization.
    This is a platform concept called Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) that provides secure Internet access wherever users are, even when they are turned off. It is basically a secure VPN for the internet before you get access to any destination on the internet itself. This perception provides the first line of defense combined with testing for “maliciousness” based on mass wisdom. No matter where users are or where they are trying to connect, traffic passes through the smart internet gateway.

    Proxy-based testing of Internet traffic

    Internet access should be done using a proxy in the cloud to test Internet traffic, especially when a specific domain has a dangerous reputation or includes both legitimate and malicious content. The modern proxy should operate differently from the way it was originally developed for accessing the Internet gateway. A modern proxy should not simply be locked on the network or in the cloud in the SandBox concept.

    Instead, the technology should be such that it is built into the cloud seamlessly. Not all web traffic needs to be distinguished through an enterprise proxy – this adds unnecessary complexity for end users. Any service provided on a proxy is completely disconnected from any other service, allowing for automatic scaling if the service requires more processing resources dynamically – all to provide efficient performance and minimal network lag anywhere in the world.

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