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Business Continuity – DR as a Service


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DR as a Service

Use of cloud technology for business continuity

Disaster preparedness for information systems in organizations today is not an option – but necessary and more than ever.

A business continuity strategy must ensure the continued provision of critical services to the organization when an event occurs – whether it is a cessation of service, weather damage, terrorism, cyber, human error or any other case.
Studies show that most organizations that have experienced significant service disruption fail to recover within a few hours.
Analysts estimate that the direct and indirect damage caused to organizations in the business market as a result of downtime and / or loss of non-recoverable data is estimated at the global level at about $ 40 billion per year.

And what about a recovery plan?

A number of common problems in companies’ disaster recovery strategy

  • There is a recovery plan in place but the project has not been implemented in practice
  • The recovery plan is incorrect or not technologically applicable
  • The recovery plan includes unnecessary technologies
  • The program was not tested effectively (exercises)
  • The plan does not meet the appropriate standard (regulation)

Implementing disaster recovery infrastructure (DR) is a challenge, the solutions are not always economical, difficult to define, difficult to maintain, difficult to test and obsolete quickly.

Cloud leverage

Using cloud technology is an excellent solution for realizing business continuity as a modern and up-to-date solution. Studies show that about a third of medium-sized organizations today use cloud solutions as part of their DR programs.

One study * shows that 89% of respondents indicated clear benefits using the cloud for this task. Moreover, 74% of IT people today who use a non-cloud-based secondary site for their business continuity – claim to consider going beyond a cloud-based solution.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) – A cloud-based, easy-to-deploy method, cost-per-month, provides the ability to regularly review recovery scenarios and maintains flexibility in response to organizational changes.

* Research Source – Dimensional Research by Axcient

The VAULT backup and recovery solution ensures fast recovery and peace of mind.

Advanced DRaaS services – VAULT services from DnA-IT

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    Smart backup service solution and cloud-based disaster recovery which is provided through smart separation in the infrastructure (Multi-Tenant) combined with a leading software engine for managing information protection and everything is stored and protected in a modern and secure facility.

    Description of the managed service

    A managed backup site service in the cloud computing, allows the organization to establish a complete solution for disaster recovery and business continuity.

    In the process of operating the service, the customer defines volumes and virtual infrastructure for backup, required backup history, recovery times in RTO and RPO terms required and a list of systems and services required for emergency recovery.

    Benefits of VAULT Backup Services

    • Smart backup for all business applications
    • Immediate recovery at the touch of a button
    • Direct access to backups from the existing environment
    • Automatically copy all backups
    • Savings in hardware expenses and licensing for a secondary site
    • Use on-site backups for recovery
    • Backup file services independent of the manufacturer
    • Ability to run servers instantly from the backup

    Advantages of VAULT recovery services

    • Savings in management expenses and manpower for a secondary site
    • Cost savings on hardware and licensing for a secondary site
    • Support for all types of virtualization
    • Use on-site backups for recovery
    • Tailoring the solution to the organization’s RPO / RTO requirements
    • Ability to run servers instantly from the backup
    • Release dependencies on synchronous storage manufacturer
    • Allocation of resources according to actual use
    • Advance planning of connectivity and backup lines
    • Convert physical servers to virtuality

    100% information protection management software as part of VAULT services

    The engine for managing information protection in VAULT services is based on 100% system software according to the customer’s needs, with the leading software in the field.

    The use of dedicated software to perform out-of-facility backup and disaster recovery processes provides advanced capabilities for identifying protected and unprotected information, through storage and protection management and application management systems, data archiving, file and content indexing, access to physical and virtual infrastructure independent of hardware or software vendor specific software.
    The use of a unified platform enables the variety of features required for information management without the need to purchase and maintain multiple point management tools and thus enables the management of vast amounts of information by a single person.

    The system does not depend on a specific storage manufacturer or virtual infrastructure, it enables the protection of information on all types of information, including cloud applications such as O365, PowerBI, SalesForce, etc.

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        *The company's solutions are intended for organizations with a minimum of 100 active users.

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