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Modern Private Cloud Computing for Enterprises

  • Private Enterprise Cloud Platform

  • Nutanix infrastructure

  • Perception of the Web Scale

  • The Nutanix platform

  • AHV virtualization layer

Modern Centralized Computing Solutions for Nutanix Private Cloud for the Enterprises

Private cloud computing systems for organizations enable transparent handling of the IT infrastructure in organizations, along with a rapid response time of the IT and a significant lower overall costs than traditional systems.

Nutanix’s Hyper Converged infrastructure enables unique system solutions, including:

  • Web-Scale computing architecture that enables linear growth as needed
  • Over-the-platform platform services as part of a modern, rich and free-of-charge Hypervisor to artificial intelligence and advanced analytics capabilities

Dealing with enterprise IT infrastructure today is more complex than ever. The IT today is being asked to respond faster and at lower costs. New approach is required to quickly provide IT services and business applications while lowering overall costs (TCO).

Traditional Computing Solutions – Cost and Complexity

Traditional infrastructures are built separately from servers, central storage separately, storage network separately, management of a virtual environment separately and thus makes the infrastructure less flexible and expensive. In addition, the time devoted to dealing with operational problems and traditional infrastructure management leaves no room for innovation and as a result, the business contribution is not substantial and therefore the IT needs a transparent infrastructure that provide a cloud-like consumption model within the organization Button, in a simple and clear way to understand without the need for expensive engineers and costs.

Private Organizational Cloud – A New Cloud Concept

The cloud model allows IT to focus on the applications and services needed by the business. Upgrading the infrastructure to a modern managed cloud perception within the organization is a correct and economical alternative for most organizational needs.

Nutanix Advanced Enterprise Private Cloud Platform

Businesses and organizations now have difficulty planning ahead for future use of resources using the non-fixed consumption model, so organizations prefer the elastic consumption model in which they pay only for what they consume (Pay as you grow) just as in the public cloud economic model, combined with zero operational overhead . Nutanix provides the option of Web Scale, growth according to the organizational need in an elastic way.

DnA-IT is the authorized and leading partner in Israel in implementing Nutanix infrastructures

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    Nutanix Enterprise Internal Private Cloud Computing - What Does It Actually Mean?

    Benefits of public and private clouds

    Nutanix provides the benefits of public and private clouds. An enterprise platform called the Enterprise Cloud Platform that provides agility, simplicity, and partial consumption of public cloud services across a variety of platforms, performance, security and control within the enterprise information array. The Nutanix platform provides, among other things:

    • A complete IT infrastructure connects to standard network
    • Platform services on top the virtualization stack as part of the Hypervisor such as: Micro-segmentation, files analytics, artificial intelligence, etc.
    • Pay-as-you-grow economic model
    • One-click operations and a single pane of glass management

    Nutanix infrastructure

    Nutanix’s cloud platform unifies a number of systems in the central infrastructure in the Software Defined concept and combines rich artificial intelligence (AI) and automated learning (Machine Learning). This platform enables IT teams to redesign the central infrastructure array to reduce cost and complexity, as well as to provide agile IT services in a cloud model within the enterprise in a modular approach.

    Nutanix’s infrastructure includes key computing, storage, smart hypervisor virtualization infrastructure for enterprise-based generic X86 hardware without special components and can be purchased from a variety of industry-standard vendors.

    Perception of the Web Scale

    Nutanix’s platform is built on the Web-Scale concept for IT with its guiding principles including:

    • Software that drives the infrastructure
    • Information is fully distributed across the entire array with no single point of failure
    • Self-healing mechanism from any scenario
    • No limitation for scaling
    • Independent of dedicated hardware
    • Allows flexibility in a cloud model
    • Freedom of choice for Hypervisor
    • Built-in and accessible analytics at the touch of a button

    Nutanix platform

    Nutanix’s platform itself is uniquely built using technologies and architectures sourced from the Hyperscale cloud providers i.e. Google, Facebook, AWS. Nutanix offers a wide range of platforms to run for any workload. Different types of each model can be mixed under one “computing and storage cluster” – allowing flexibility in scaling and ensuring linear growth in capacity and performance.

    Features of the platform include:

    • Integrated storage and computing resources on X86 generic servers
    • Intelligence tools for monitoring and controlling the system are provided as integral software
    • Self-healing mechanisms for failures from every component in the system
    • Rich analysis and automation based on generic API
    • Hybrid connectivity to the public cloud for resource extension
    • Setting up infrastructure applications over servers for automated processes

    The Nutanix solution provides storage and computing into a building block that form a single platform. Each building block is based on standard processor and server technology combined with local storage, which together with a number of nodes results in a true, unified, shared nothing and no single points of failure unlike the outdated storage infrastructure SAN / NAS.

    Nutanix distinguishes itself from competing solutions in its uncompromising simplicity. This simplicity is reflected in the speed of deployment, management, operation, and ease, lack of dependence on hardware components, lack of growth constraint, lack of dependence on a specific Hypervisor’s vendor and of course in providing best of class extra infrastructure solutions for critical business applications.

    Acropolis Hypervisor - Notanix's virtualization layer

    One of the reasons for Nutanix to become a leader in this field of virtualization infrastructure is the fact that they developed a virtualization layer (Hypervisor) that provides all the capabilities required by IT organizations to adopt it including self-healing mechanisms, load balancing for the workload, multi-network management and more. This layer is called Acropolis Hypervisor or AHV for short and is provided at no additional cost.

    Nutanix’s virtualization stack capabilities have been around since 2011 but have been massively adopted by the market abroad and in Israel since 2015. All operation from the infrastructure layer are performed with a single click and from one UI management console without the need for integration with external tools.

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