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Digital Transformation is Crucial for the IT World

Digital transformation is booming & accordingly, Information Technology is growing rapidly and its importance to organizations is crucial.

The implication of the transition to digital is that more and more manual / mechanical processes in enterprises are becoming computerized and digitalized. The field of AI & ML is growing rapidly alongside with massive adoption of the cloud for each required task or service.

Along with this trend, there is an overall complexity that surges from the use of countless applications and multiplicity of infrastructure for different services. Access mechanisms that enable the operation of these services from anywhere and from any device emphasizes the need for a wide and effective protection of cyber security, which is a must.

Enterprises are faced with a variety of these challenges usually through a limited number of IT team required for a high level of expertise & operation and support of dozens or hundreds of systems.

Change at IT World Due to the Rapidly Evolving Advanced Technologies​

  • The IT world has undergone a significant change during recent years following the changes in consumption of applications and services and adopting new technologies including:
  • Adoption of technologies in Software Defined Anything approach
  • Multi-Cloud adoption and work in an hybrid platform sometimes with On-Premise integration
  • Autonomous & “transparent” operation solutions, iPhone style perception
  • Smart protection of data management, business recovery and compliance with privacy and many other regulations

Along with these challenges, the IT budgets are not growing proportionally. DnA-IT delivers vast experience in knowing the required technological solutions and finding the ideal solution for allocated budget to perform the task required across all fields of Data Center & Cloud: Modern infrastructure, networking & cyber security.

Let Us Help You Choose the right solution for your IT needs in a variety of fields, combined with implementation and extensive support based on your operational needs.

    360° Services and Solutions for Infrastructures, Networking and Cyber Security

    DnA-IT provides a comprehensive 360° solution for all IT needs in the worlds of modern virtualization infrastructure, networking, and cyber security for enterprises

    Our services include characterization of the technological solutions, providing the required products/services, implementation, and support throughout the entire life cycle of the solution
    In DnA-IT you will find a winning combination of expertise, deep technological know-how and comprehensive service abilities, all along with extensive and leading cooperation with our business partners in virtual infrastructures, modern networking, and cyber security products/services.

    Leading the Field of Novel IT Solutions

    DnA-IT is one of the leading companies in the field of integration for modern virtual infrastructures, modern networking and cyber security for enterprises.
    As a leader in our field and with a vision in modern and innovative solutions, we choose to work with innovative vendor companies that bring real innovation, simplicity and autonomy – all with the goal of simplifying workloads of IT teams and providing higher value for the organization.

    Breakthrough Technology Solutions

    DnA-IT detects breakthrough technologies in their early stages as well as leading novel technologies.
    The solutions implemented by our company include technologies from companies such as Nutanix, Arista, SentinelOne, Cohesity, Guardicore and many more.

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