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The IT world is evolving rapidly

IT has been undergoing rapid metamorphosis in recent years, from physical installations towards cloud infrastructure, whether in a local, hybrid or public cloud. The prevailing trend all over the world is to consolidate and virtualize any possible resource thus increasing the need for professionalism and IT operations expertise.

Along with this trend, modern data centers need to be linearly scalable in each vector and provide IT automation and agile operations to achieve IT simplification.

In addition to these needs, organizations are required to provide 100% uptime anytime and anywhere, with global and direct access to any application, Cloud based or On-premise. On top of all other challenges, keeping and raising security inside the Data Center as well as End Point Protection has become a great challenge as well, due to constant growth of Cyber threats worldwide.

All the above requires IT experts that would help gain greater agility, simplification and resilient solutions in a wide range of IT-related disciplines to deliver smart, innovative solutions that meet the budget constraints and business demands.

DnA-IT stands in IT technology forefront and brings vast experience and innovative solutions in all IT disciplines. The company has great familiarity with organizations ‎needs of Infrastructure, Networking, Cyber and IaaS solutions and offers ‎the organizations the perfect mix & match that comprises in the most appropriate IT solutions, considering all aspects: Technological, Threats and Challenges, Deployment & ‎Operations as well as Financial.

DnA-IT combines professionalism and powerful serviceability to its customers along with strong & leading relationship ‎with their partners in various fields and in-depth technical knowledge.

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